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Batman Arkham Asylum short review

If someone were to ask me what was my favorite Superhero game. Arkham Asylum would pop into my head first. It’s as close to being Batman(aside from it’s sequels) as it gets.

Game starts out with Batman having captured the Joker yet again and brought him back to the asylum. Shortly after bringing him in, Joker escapes custody and it comes apparent that he had planned this all along and Harley Quinn had taken control of the Arkham’s security systems. So Batman sets out on the hunt for the Joker to stop him from whatever he is planning.

The visuals are stunning and still hold up and they convey Gotham’s dark gothic scenery perfectly. The audio work is equally as good with solid voice acting from everyone especially Mark Hamill’s Joker.

The combat in the game utilizes a fluid simple to use but difficult to master system allowing you make to make combos from one enemy to the next. Batman also carries a wide variety of tools and gadget to allowing him to fight crime such as his trademark batarang for knocking out enemies and his grappling hook for reaching ledges from a distance as well pulling on enemies or opening new ways to go and in his cowl he has system that allows him to detect pretty much everything around, like evidence, location of enemies and more. He acquires more as you play through the game.

Aside from the main objective there are also a ton of extra things to uncover like riddles and prizes that the Riddler has hidden all over Arkham Island. There are also tapes with treatment sessions with some of Batman’s greatest adversaries and markings left by a mysterious unknown called the Spirit of Arkham.

Main storyline is great and involves many of Batman’s greatest enemies and will leave you satisfied at the end when you beat it and when you do you’ll have a ton of riddles and secrets to keep you busy for awhile longer.

Gets my thumbs up!